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Lynette and her husband, Robert, had come a long way since they
first met twenty-one years ago. Together they had constructed
a beautiful house—and made two beautiful children—in Robert's
home state of Georgia. Lynette's happiness was a wonderful gift
after a lonely, motherless childhood. But now, just two weeks from
her fortieth birthday, Lynette has received distressing news from
her doctor—and for the first time in a long time, she feels deeply
unhappy, indignant and disappointed. She's always tried to be a
good person. Why is something bad happening to her?

Robert knows that if his wife ever needed his understanding
and support, it's now. And he is determined to give it to her. He
wishes he could heal her sorrow, but knows only the power of faith
can—and will—do that. And sure enough, just as Lynette worries
she may be losing something vital, she finds something even more
important—something she's been longing for all of her life. Now, if
only she can crumble the wall of doubt in her heart and let the joy
come through—.

A Measure Of Faith Maxine Billings

SKU: 9781583144657
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