Ben "Ice Man" Richards is hated and feared at the Atlanta law firm of Hughes Weston and Moore where he's only one big case away from making partner. But when his assistant and secretary both quit rather than take another second of his abuse, he's paired with Alayna Jackson, a young black paralegal with "issues" of her own. When fire meets ice, the steam practically rises off the page as Alayna and Ben discover the pleasure of the business of loving each other.


Crossing the line ...

Alayna Jackson's dream is to be a lawyer -- and not even being the only African-American paralegal in a high-power, lily-white law firm will hold her down. Sure it's not the perfect job, but if it helps her reach her goal -- and gets her younger sister through college at the same time, Alayna will work for the devil himself -- namely Ben "Ice Man" Richards, the firm's arrogant, brilliant, insufferable, and unpredictable rising star.As long as Richards curbs his famous rudeness and treats her with respect, Alayna should be able to cope. But there's more to Ice Man than meets the eye, a fire smoldering beneath his hard, cool surface. And when personal disaster threatens, Alayna finds herself unlocking the doors of her private life to the last man she ever dreamed she'd let enter. And once inside, he may just alter Alayna's world and her outlook in glorious, frightening ways.

a personal matter Karyn Langhorne