Here’s my deal—I'm not knocking myself out to find Mr. Right anymore.  As far as this thirty-something sistah is concerned, it’s now about reciprocity, not romance.  A brother doesn’t have to whisper promises he won't keep or make me any kind of commitment.  All he needs to do is respect my boundaries, rock my world—then step the hell on before anyone gets too attached.  That’s why the last man I need to be trying to hook-up with is my next door neighbor, Carl.
Who does Faye think she’s fooling?  She and I both know all that talk she does about game-playing is little more than a big front.  Besides, playing by the rules won't necessarily keep us from falling in love.  And if what's been going on between us lately is any indication, I'm thinking at least one of us is already halfway there….
“With its Southern charm and hilarious take on relationships, this book is a must-read!”
—Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker, Essence bestselling author of The Ex Factor
“Unique, interesting characters and sharp, crackling wit laced with occasional pathos make this first novel a genuine winner.”
 —Gwynne Forster, author of Getting Some of Her Own    

After The Dance Lori Johson