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Thirty-three year old Jessi Andrews has always sensed when bad news is coming, and the morning Hurricane Lily approaches her Florida town is no different. But the havoc Mother Nature is about to wreak on the outside is nothing compared to the chaos about to turn Jessi's life upside down.

The real storm hits...when Jessi stops by her husband's office to do some errands- and finds him in a compromising position with his assistant. In less time than it will take for Lily to blow through Jacksonville, Jessi's world is changed forever. After ten years of marriage filled with deception, thirty pounds of excess weight gain, and countless knocks to her self-esteem, can she really start over? Jessi's two best friends think so. The two sons who love her think so too. Now all they have to do is convince Jessi.

The first step is a long-overdue vacation. Jessi is expecting sun, sand, tropical drinks and relaxation. But with the travel plans in her friend's hands, she's going to have to learn to expect the unexpected. And that's just the beginning, as Jessi gets motivated to put long-hidden talents to work for her in ways she'd only dreamed about in the past. Along the way, a few other dreams might come true for her too...

Heartwarming, witty, and uplifting, After the Storm is an unforgettable reminder that when you're starting over from rock bottom, the only way is up...and that sometimes your friends can provide the greatest source of encouragement.

After The Storm Cassandra Darden Bell

SKU: 9780739460993
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