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National best-selling author Timmothy B. McCann has his finger on the pulse of contemporary relationships. Here he crafts a masterful tale of people looking for companionship and making the difficult decisions that will change their lives forever.

Financial Analyst Drew Staley is still recovering from his fiancee's death when he meets attorney Betty Robinson. She helps mend his broken heart, and Drew believes he has found his soul mate. But after marriage, complications in their personal and professional lives force them to drift apart and question their hasty wedding. Drew becomes preoccupied with his ailing mother, and Betty gets swept up in a high-profile murder case.

While the Staleys struggle, Betty's friend Jacqui is torn between two men. But can she learn to dedicate herself to someone the way she has to her career?

An exquisite novel about everyday people facing life-altering events, Forever is enhanced by the empassioned narration of Elizabeth VanDyke.

Forever Timothy McCann

SKU: 9781575667591
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