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From the celebrated author of This Tender Melody comes a sensual, slow-burn African American romance that explores what happens when hard-working, successful entrepreneurs mix business with pleasure.

What should you do when your publicist tells everyone in the fashion world about your (nonexistent) fiancé? Keep calm and start damage control:

  • Call your brother's hot best friend and get him to pose as your fake fiancé
  • Inadvertently set a wedding date while giving an interview
  • Jet set around the world taking meetings and staying in posh hotels—of course one bed will be fine, you're engaged, right?
  • Never admit that your fake relationship has started to feel very real...

Bryan James's job is on thin ice unless he can secure a contract with a popular design house. He knows his best friend's sister can help?but her terms are more than he bargained for.

Alexis Devers's debut fashion line is a hit. But when Alexis's publicist tells buyers that it landed her a wealthy, gorgeous fiancé, Alexis needs to come up with one?fast. Bryan's offer to strike a deal is impeccably timed.

It's the perfect plan...until feelings start getting in the way. Suddenly, the pitfalls of mixing business and pleasure become much more real than either of them expected...

Couldn't Ask for More (The Southern Gentlemen Book 2) Kianna Alexander

SKU: 9781492670735
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