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Many African American males are headed down the wrong paths in school and society, but that's mostly because we as a community do not understand the challenges they face. In this guide, Dr. Alfred Brinkley, an African American studies scholar and alternative school administrator, explores how to boost the odds of success for at-risk, African American males. He focuses on helping teachers, parents, and students to promote a lifetime love of reading; narrow the achievement gap; encourage self-esteem and intrinsic motivation; and hone parenting and mentoring skills. Leaving your comfort zone and learning why this group of students needs support can better equip you to establish a relationship based on mutual respect. Educating, inspiring, and motivating at-risk African American males requires a support system that can prepare them to succeed. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders can begin to do their part with Courageous Expectations.

Courageous Expectations: Improving the Odds for At-Risk Alfred Brinkley Ph. D.

SKU: 9781483404943
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