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Praised for storytelling that mixes “sexy, savvy, and steamy,”* New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey turns up the heat in this explosive novel about the reckless desires that bind an irresistible woman to a desperate man.

His name is Driver, an ex-con working for a limousine service. It's a bid to go legit, but one of the real incentives is an old flame—the boss's irresistible wife.

Her name is Lisa. She wants more out of life too. She expects Driver to give it to her. Unfortunately she's counting on the wrong man to kill her husband.

Sharing an expensive secret and a past with someone like Lisa is nothing but trouble. What Driver has planned to help him stay alive is more than a scheme. It's a bona fide crime. 

Sometimes love can make you do crazy things.

drive me crazy Eric Jerome Dickey

SKU: 9780525947905
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