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This hardcover edition is from the author's personal stock with each book signed by Gail Fraser on the title page!
There is a beautiful ease and extraordinary uniqueness to the rhythm of everyday life. Finding Happiness in Simplicity opens a window into this world and provides a path to a more purpose-driven existence, one that is filled with all the things worth having--friends and neighbors, love and faith, curiosity and passion. Here we may discover that happiness is not born of overindulgence, and that more is not better than less, nor is fast better than slow.
Life often passes by in such a flurry that we seldom see the joys offered to us each day. But when we take the time to stroll along a country road, or plant a row of seeds, or listen to the morning song of crickets, our lives can become infinitely richer.
Spring's bare earth gives way to summer's abundance, and nature lavishes us with gifts at no cost. And as the leaves begin to fall and the days get cooler, it is time to honor friends and family with celebrations that revel in the smells, sights, and sounds of the season. When winter comes, we can anticipate the promise of joy and delight in the new year as we sit by the fire with our loved ones. It is that path of gentle living that will gracefully shape our lives and lead us to a more authentic happiness.
Combining the reassuring words of author Gail Fraser (author of the Lumby series) and the extraordinary art of internationally-acclaimed folk artist Art Poulin, Finding Happiness in Simplicity offers a deeply compelling message that we need only look at the smallest parts of happiness to bring us closer to a more fulfilling life.

Finding Happiness in Simplicity Gail Fraser and Art Poulin

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