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From BooklistJason Richards is aplain and safe kind of guy. He recently began working at a prestigious law firm and aspires to make partner. When the dud case he has dumped on him is settled, he receives a $4-million bonus. Jason shares the news about his good fortune with Steven Cox, the other black attorney at the firm. Steven casually introduces Jason to the eight-step Titan lifestyle, in which men abide by a code of conduct. Steven rationalizes that with his good looks and charm and Jason's money, they can become a powerful team and truly live the Titan lifestyle. Jason begins to fall for Carol, a woman from his past who is following Diva magazine's friends-to-lovers plan. Jason follows the instructions to lure Carole into a friendship with benefits while living the Titan lifestyle with Steven. Just when Jason gives up the lifestyle and Carole is convinced the plan is working, Jason's indiscretions are exposed. Their relationship is in turmoil, and only real friends will be able to weather the storm. 

Friends With Benefits Lawrence Ross

SKU: 9780739457269
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