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his debut novel from a fresh new voice is full of unforgettable and imperfect characters who hope against all hope for perfect lives.

If being perfect is a prerequisite to getting into heaven, then Charity Phillips has earned her seat in the Kingdom. This accomplished single mother is an exceptional therapist with her own hot, new counseling firm, Horizons Counseling Center, and a minister at her church.While the pressures of these dual roles are challenging, she single-handedly overcomes them all. But when a whirlwind of trouble suddenly blows into her life and threatens not only her business but also the custody of her son, she loses it and finds herself in a very dark place. Add to this an undeniable attraction to the prison inmate who keeps sending her love letters, complications with a schizophrenic patient, and differences among three women in her office with sometimes explosive temperaments, and chaos erupts in the life of a Christian woman who prides herself on being able to handle everything.

Good To Me LaTonya Mason

SKU: 9780739461068
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