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From the national bestselling author of Almost Doesn’t Count and Ladies’ Night Out.
It’s been five years. Five years since they trusted one another—and betrayed one another—only as friends and lovers could. Beautiful Mia, getting a second chance at love . . . if she can forget the man from her past. Christian, every woman’s dream who gave up his player card for the one woman he’d lay down and die for, if only he could trust her. Then there’s Brice, bad to the bone and as irresistible as ever. One woman can tame him—if he’d give her the chance. Kree, innocent, stunning, and underestimated, and looking for the kind of die-hard passion that can change a life. When she finds it, it’s going to come with a price.
Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot to tear apart friends like these. All it takes is love.

Loose Ends Electa Rome Parks

SKU: 9780739447871
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