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The story Never As Good As The First Time is the provocative novel of how love can sometimes be better the second time around. In a spellbounding and sometimes even humorous story full of plot twist, seduction and deceit, each character confuses love/intimacy with lust/infatuation. Jake, the smooth talking, handsome thirty something black entrepreneur has a history of having too many women in his life. His search is for love, but his knack is always somehow putting himself into one night predicaments and meaningless relationships which only leaves a trail of broken hearts. Indigo is Jake's ex-wife who knows his ways but still loves him unconditionally. She also enjoys her successful independent life and doesn't want to rush back in a relationship. Therefore, she uses her strong faith in God to wait on the right time for a man in her life. Kayra is the beautiful but somewhat gullible school teacher. Her life has been full of insensitive and irresponsible men who never loved her the way she deserved to be loved. Pam, a childhood friend of Kayra, is the diva of the brunch who uses love to make everyone who enters her life a helpless pawn to get whatever she wants, even if it has deadly results. Soon she realizes the games she's played with men will comes back to haunt her, as she gets trapped in her own web of deception. Malik is Jake's unassuming lifelong sidekick whose awareness of women and relationships keeps Jake in-check, but it does little to help love to come his way. Together these unforgettable characters show all the dimensions of through the joys and pains.

Never As Good As The First Time Jonathan Michael Hicks

SKU: 9780965542142
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