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Dwayne S. Joseph returns with another drama-filled page-turner, featuring a cast of three unforgettable females searching for love and happiness while trying to stay true to themselves.

Reesa’s a savvy financial planner with one goal: to have a baby before thirty-five. But to do that, she needs a suitable mate, and her man Simon just doesn’t fit the bill.

Carmen’s been catering to Anthony’s needs for three years, no matter how insensitive he can be at times. Not even his irritating mother is enough to make her call the relationship quits—until Jordan comes along and offers to give her everything she desires.

Tired of dealing with shallow brothers, Erica gives up looking for love and settles for occasional dates and one-night stands. But just when she’s found her groove, her ex comes barreling back into her life in a major way, taking Erica through the emotional wringer.

Reesa, Carmen, and Erica all know that life and love aren’t easy, but they never expected drama like this.

Never Say Never Dwayne S. Joseph

SKU: 9781893196223
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