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Both hilarious and poignant, Bettye Griffin's latest novel explores the lives and loves of three best friends who discover that there's nothing in the world they can't handle--as long as they stick together. . .

Dana Covington never thought she'd be a widow at 38--but sometimes, that's the way life works out. It's a good thing Dana's friends, Norell and Cecile, are always ready to give her a shoulder to cry on. . .even when they've got big problems of their own.

Just as Norell gives up on her dream to have a baby, she's shocked when Cecile turns up pregnant--again. Norell's heartbreak throws her friendship with Cecile into a complete tailspin. And just when things can't get much worse, Cecile's sexy younger sister comes to town. As usual, Micheline is looking for trouble--and this time, she finds enough for everyone.

With tension mounting between the trio, it seems like their friendship might not stand the test. But when all is said and done, true friends know that even their closest pals aren't perfect--and that the people who drive you crazy are the ones you love the most. . .

Nothing But Trouble Bettye Griffin

SKU: 9780739464380
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