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National Bestseller - REACHING BACK succeeds in creating lives that are memorable - they will draw you in and not let you go! This is a work that is both great literature & entertainment. An aging leather bound journal provides a glimpse into the captivating family history of Mignon Samuels, shedding light on the struggles of several generations of African-American women - reaching back in time to her maternal great grandmother to her own mother, and the circumstances endured by each woman in their lives. Fueled by their legacy, Mignon decides to make daring changes of her own, and forge ahead - out of her marriage - to a new future with her three daughters. Mignon feels betrayed by the dream of a fairytale tale life that everyone thought her wealthy husband had given to her - in truth, he had only given her pain. Author Nea Anna Simone crafts a multi-generational tale that takes the reader along a difficult journey with a woman who finds the courage and inspiration to break the bonds and strict codes of the African-American elite. Simone forces the reader to face questions of family secrets, difficult relationships and struggles of skin color. Does it still matter? Fast-paced and gripping, Reaching Back is for all people seeking the courage to face the future and unknown. Nea Anna Simone is a powerful literary voice!

Reaching Back (Mignon Samuels Trilogy) Nea Anna Simone

SKU: 9781583143179
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