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He's the 1995 NBA Most Valuable Player, a nine-time NBA All Star, and an Olympic gold medal winner. He's the most popular player in basketball, and he may be the most quotable figure in sports history.
Funny, irreverent, and ultimately insightful, Charles Barkley tells it like it is in "Barkleyland," the territory the New York Times identifies as "somewhere between siege and war." You may not want to live there, but with Sir Charles as your guide, it really is a great place to visit.
Sir Charles is the first-ever complete collection of the solicited and unsolicited pronouncements of the undisputed King of Quotes. Read what Charles has to say about: who is better - Charles Barkley or Michael Jordan; Godzilla and Japan; the quality of Larry Bird's defensive skills; bald people with beards; the fans around the NBA; and the future of the NBA.
Plus, see what the players, GMs, coaches, TV personalities, and sportswriters have to say about him.
Whether insightful or incendiary, Charles Barkley's words fill the sports pages of every city in the nation. And whether you like what you hear or not, you can bet on one thing - you're going to hear it.

Sir Charles: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Barkley

SKU: 9780446518550
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