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T.D. Jakes’s first Christmas story features a grandmother seeking inspiration from the Bible as she prepares to create a quilt.

Grandmother feels as if her life and loves have all passed, leaving her alone to reminisce about the joy of yesteryear and the real Christmases she celebrated. But as she opens her heart to the stories of the Virgin Mary, the truth of what really matters to her comes to light. At the end, she folds up the quilts she has made and ventures off to share their joy and warmth with the children in a local shelter, leaving them with something to keep them physically and spiritually cloaked.

With ten life lessons divined from the story of Jesus’ birth, A Christmas Story for Our Times is a charming, thoughtful treat for those who consider the Christmas season to be the most special time of the year.

The Memory Quilt T.D Jakes

SKU: 9781439170465
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