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Renee Kemp and Andrew Cochran have never gotten along, not since the day they met, which was also the day he accidentally saw her naked. She's never gotten over it because he swears up and down it didn't happen. Now it's years later and Andrew is a successful surgeon, while Renee owns a very posh spa. They still argue, but that all changes when Renee gets a look at Andrew without a stitch on. Suddenly the arguing is over and the loving begins, at least on Andrew's end. He's been in love with Renee for years and he's ready to take their relationship up as many levels as it will go. Renee is reluctant to commit because of a horrible incident in her past. When the aftermath revisits her and threatens to destroy her life, Andrew wants to fix everything for her but she insists on doing it herself. But when her life is threatened and she's attacked, Andrew will do whatever it takes to protect her, no matter what it takes.

Until the End of Time Melanie Schuster

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