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Create beautiful works of letter art with Words to Live By, a unique combination of inspirational quotes, illustrated coloring pages, and hand-lettering tips and techniques.
This fun project book is designed to encourage and inspire you to develop your own unique doodling and lettering style. An introduction to lettering,Words to Live By includes step-by-step lessons and projects so you can create hand-lettered works of art. Also included are 24 inspirational perforated coloring pages that can be personalized, framed and displayed.

In this introductory project book, you’ll learn all about lettering tools, lettering basics, the anatomy of a letter, tips for hand-lettered design, the basics of font pairing, and how to do faux calligraphy. Once you understand the basics of hand-lettering, venture on to some creative projects, including:

  • 30-Day Lettering Challenge
  • 30-Day Drawing/Doodle Challenge
  • Doodled Alphabet
  • Doodle Art
  • Shape Art
  • Paint Sample Bookmarks
  • Negative Space Art
  • Happy Mail
  • Magazine Art
  • DIY Stationery
  • Map Art
  • DIY Magnets
  • DIY Pencil Boxes
  • DIY Sharpie Mugs
  • Chalkboard Style Wood Sign
  • DIY Postcards
  • Nature Words
  • Watercolor Lettered Print
  • Painted Rock Paperweight
  • DIY Bookmarks

With the easy step-by-step lessons in the art of hand lettering and illustration, artists of any age can learn to create letter art. Make new art every day, and see how your skills grow just by practicing this simple art form. Draw, letter, and doodle just for the sake of simply creating—and have fun doing it!

Words to Live By: Creative hand-lettering, coloring, and inspirations

SKU: 9781633221000
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