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A CHANGE IS GONNA COME is the story of four friends who all work together in the Family Services Department. Each woman has to trust God in the midst of their struggles.
Cordelia who to me was the main character in the book was a bible carrying goody, goody who always wanted to judge people. She was at the church each time the door was open. A debilitating illness strikes and her and she begins to question God faithfulness toward her. She goes through many emotions throughout her ordeal.
Tangie works with Cordelia and seems to be a desent person. She hates her mother. Tangie sees her mother as a loose woman and doesn't want to end up like her. The problem with this is Tangie is just like her. She has to trust God to deliver her from her lust demon.
Bonnie seems to be the person all the ladies go to when they have problems. Bonnie is a sweet woman who lost her husband and now lives with her dog. Bonnie loves the Lord and trusts him, but she has a self esteem problem. She does trust herself to live again after the death of husband. She's very crafty, but doesn't think she's good at it. She has to find that confidence within herself with God's help.
I saved Sabrina for last. This woman got on my last nerve. LOL
She has so many issues, I just felt sorry for her. First of all she only dated men that could give her things. Her reward to them was to sleep with them. She used so many men, I actually couldn't believe she had no remorse. She lied to her mother all the time. She told everyone's business she heard and to me was just a low down individual. She was broken and needed to be strengthen.
A CHANGE IS GONNA COME touches a lot of issues people face today, be it illness, brokeness, abandonment, lust and no self worth. It paints us a picture that only God can deliver you from these issues.

Reviewed by Sean D. Young Good Reads

A Change Is Gonna Come Jacquelin Thomas

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