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“A fast-paced, compelling story about love and its power to both heal and redeem” from the acclaimed author of A Meeting in the Ladies' Room (Kim McLarin, author of Womanish).

Mel and Adrienne Jordan have the kind of marriage most couples only dream about. Mel feels lucky to have the smartest, sexiest wife a man could want, while caring for their infant daughter and tending to their lovely home in New York City keeps Adrienne busy and content. Landing a recording contract had once been her greatest ambition—but not anymore. Life is that good.

Until the day a tragedy changes everything. Convinced that he is to blame, Mel returns to the mean streets of his youth—and indulges in the drugs, drink, and women he finds there. Adrienne works long hours at a tedious job, desperate to get ahead—even though she's not really sure where she's going. As they drift further into their grief—and away from each other—Mel and Adrienne start to wonder if they can ever reclaim what they had. And they soon realize that their greatest challenge will be trying to save the one thing they had always taken for granted: their love.

“A heart-stopping story about the power of love . . . The characters are richly drawn and complex. The use of language is stunning . . . A dynamic new writer is on the scene—readers, make room on your bookshelf and in your hearts for A Mighty Love!” —Yolanda Joe, author of Video Cowboys

“Entertaining.” —Booklist

A Mighty Love Anita Doreen Diggs

SKU: 9780758202321
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