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This heartfelt debut novel from a fresh new voice debunks the myth that says to truly forgive you must forget.

Traumatized by two abusive relationships and a haunting secret, Cassidy Beckett has shut herself off emotionally from the world. Despite the fact that she has forgiven those who hurt her, she is paralyzed by the memories. Burying herself in church ministry she soon meets Trevor Monroe, a widower and single father of two young girls. Forced to interact, Trevor and Cassidy initially have a love-hate relationship. But with the passing of Cassidy’s beloved Aunt Odessa, their bond grows stronger. As a widower,Trevor echoes Cassidy’s sentiment of being burdened by painful memories of his past. They fall in love and marry, but that only causes more pain when Trevor realizes that the future of their relationship is more about his wife’s past than their love. Finally, Cassidy reveals to Trevor that as a frightened college student she was forced by her minister-in-training boyfriend to abandon her infant son. Not only does Trevor support Cassidy after her confession, he performs some detective work of his own to help his wife find closure—and the son she has never forgotten.

Forgivin' Ain't Forgettin' Mata Elliott

SKU: 9780739469651
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