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Valorita had been shot in the head. She didn't realize it right away, but then, neither did the police. She had to wait for the paramedics to arrive to find out why her head was hurting.

She had almost succumbed to the wound, lying on the floor of a walk-in cooler at KFC. But the thought of her daughter kept her fighting. She had to make it through for Alicia. Val didn't want her daughter growing up like she had, wondering where her mother was. She had fought her way through a trauma-filled childhood and survived an abusive relationship; she would make it through this. What she didn't realize was this experience would leave her with intense PTSD.

After returning home from the hospital, Val is shocked when a man steps out of an alcove and slits her throat. She rushes to her apartment to look at the damage in a mirror but finds nothing there. Her throat is intact. This same scenario is repeated each time she leaves her apartment alone. On top of this, a strange man is now staring at her from inside her mirror. Never talking, always looking. Val needs help but doesn't know where to go.

Throughout all this, motherhood and reconnecting with the love of her life keeps Valorita moving forward to a place of healing, happiness, and peace.

From Trauma to Sanity: Perseverance is Key Valorita Salaam

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