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Erikka Rochon hits a major speed bump in her fast lane life of work, partying and more work in New Orleans. A successful accountant, she’s convinced everything is adding up. Suddenly the party is over; her alcohol fueled work and play hard schedule lands lead to a major pile up. With her personal and professional life a wreck, Erikka accepts her aunt’s invitation to take a break in tiny Loreauville. When she meets serious, brooding Gabriel Cormier Erikka is definitely not in the mood for romance.

With his own troubled history to overcome, Gabriel has opted for a solitary life in his own home on family land. He’s not looking for romance either. But he sees something in Erikka that she doesn’t even see in herself. Two people who are lonely, but don’t know it, cautiously moved closer and closer until love finds them.

Good Woman Blues Lynn Emery

SKU: 9780739457276
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