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He Say, She Say is a funny, tender look at how African Americans relate to each other through romance, friendship, and family. With unforgettable dialogue and vivid imagery, Yolanda Joe takes you inside the hilarious and bittersweet world of four fabulous and memorable characters - Sandy: A twentysomething, smart, and polished radio exec looking for love. Bebe: Sandy's confidante is an older wisecracking woman of the world, and a bank supervisor who's making her way through a self-imposed man sabbatical. T.J.: A promising young jazz pianist and the object of Sandy's affections. Speedi: T.J.'s father and best friend. Wry, funny, smooth, and wise - but not too old to learn some important lessons about life and love.

He Say, She Say Yolanda Joe

SKU: 9780385485074
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