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The headlines are all about the players -- the superstars of the court, the heroes of the playoffs, and the winners of NBA championships. Here's the flip side of the bright spotlight -- the women who live in the shadows of the "great men."

Casey Rogers is married to the New York Flyers' star forward and captain, and Casey is "captain" of the wives and girlfriends club. Gorgeous, intelligent, and a top-notch member of a prestigious New York law firm, she's still defined as the wife of the star, and when the pressure is on the team, it's up to Casey to keep the ladies from adding any stress to the player's lives.

New she's dealing with the traumas of girlfriends loving and losing, her best friend in love with a player who'd rather hang with the boys, a wife agonizing over a secret past, the coach's manipulative wife on her back, and a locker room full of scandals and problems. Caught in the maelstrom of the highs and lows of the games, the infidelity, the screaming fans and media, and boardroom maneuvering, Casey's ready to explode. But she can't let that happen...because the all-important players have to keep their focus on the game...or the game's all over.

Homecourt Advantage Rita Ewing and Crystal McCrary Anthony

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