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Embracing the healing power of faith and family, newcomer Janette McCarthy Louard creates an unforgettable story of three sisters raised by their two grandmothers, now facing a crisis that will test whether Mama's Girls can become strong enough women to survive. Brynne, Camille, and Olivia are sisters whose lives are scarred by tragedy when both their parents are killed. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, by their maternal grandmother, Mama Laurel, they have grown up as different as can be. Successful attorney Brynne always has to be perfect, the superwoman everyone why has her "perfect marriage" gone so sour? Gorgeous, a little wild, a lot sassy Camille blooms as the exotic flower men buzz around...but her latest boyfriend is trouble with a capital "T." Adrift, bouncing from job to job, Olivia, the baby of the family, is fleeing inner demons she can't escape. It is Olivia's attempted suicide that brings all three to a turning point, and brings their paternal grandmother, Gram Naomi -- Mama Laurel's arch enemy -- rushing up from the South and into their lives. Now facing problems they can't handle alone, five women turn to their heritage of black church and community, and in it, find a strength that has overcome adversity for generations, as well as the wisdom to see the truth about themselves: standing separately, they will fall. But standing together, they can transform their hearts...and lives.

MAMA's Girls Janette McCarthy Louard

SKU: 9781583142585
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