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Tamara's attention was riveted on Minister Walker. She felt a bit dazed by the magnitude of the sacrifice that Jesus made, giving up His life for people just like her. "Now, let's go back to our description of love, church. Could you love like that? Could you sacrifice anything that you really cared about?" Tamara couldn't help but think of how often she was resentful about Sienna's intrusion in her life. It wasn't as if she even loved the girl or anything like that, yet she felt ashamed of being so selfish at this moment. Reverend Walker, preaching in earnest, said, "Church, your sadness can't keep you cryin' when you walkin' in love, and your problems can't make you lose your joy when you walkin' in love." Tamara closed her eyes and held her Bible close as she found her feelings again going awry in the sanctuary. The lyrics to the old Negro spiritual touched her heart, and her eyes were wet with unshed tears...All Tamara could do was hug herself as she gently rocked back and forth, listening to the singing that seemed to fill her...

Plenty Good Room Cheri Paris Edwards

SKU: 9780446576475
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