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My recipe for happiness was simple: Keep your man by your side, keep your game face on, and if at all possible, keep a Coach bag in your hand. You should look happy and vibrant. People treat you better when they think you have money, or are beautiful. Besides, if you keep up the front, they never really know how bad you feel ...

Chantell Meyers figures she's got her life together. After all, she's envied for her successful, high-paying executive job; spending all the money and wearing all the clothes she could ever want; and a just-too-perfect fiance, Eric. Sure, she'd be the first to admit she's never really at peace with herself. And she knows it's been way too long since she set foot in church-or thought much about her relationship with God. But Chantell learned long ago, when her beloved mother died, that if you can't forget your pain, the very next best thing to do is to hide it. Little by little, she has started to believe that looking and living good counts more -- and hurts a lot less -- than being real.

Then suddenly her father has a near-fatal heart attack-and Chantell gets a major reality check. She promises God she will try to be a better person if her father pulls through. Yet it isn't long before her good intentions begin unraveling her "good life" in the worst way. Before she knows it, she's facing big-time betrayal in her personal life and a major meltdown at work. And when Keith Talbit, a childhood acquaintance, unexpectedly comes back into her life, she finds herself looking longingly at a successful, good-looking Christian man secure in himself and his walk-just the kind of man she's sure she's not worthy to love. Reeling from mega-drama and more bad news, this dedicated shopper must now look to God-and back into her past-to find out how she wants to spend the rest of her life. It will take everything she didn't think she had to put her life in God's hands...and truly "have it all."

Sweet Bye-Bye Denise Michelle Harris

SKU: 9780446500081
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