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Celebrate 2023 with The Art of Annie Lee African American Wall Calendar. Annie Lee is one of the top-selling African American artist out today. She said that the secret to her success was her faith in God and her willingness to serve others. “God did this through me. You have to have faith.”

This renowned African American Art Calendar features curated classic Annie Lee pieces that UPLIFT & INSPIRE!

Although Annie Lee passed in 2014, her work continues to be internationally acclaimed and warmly received by not only the African American culture but also by art lovers everywhere. Her paintings have appeared in numerous movies, television shows and adorn homes nationwide. This calendar has Black History facts throughout the year.  Through good and bad, this calendar will bring you a comforting peace! Shades of color understands the worldwide delighting and artistic styling of Annie Lee. In this The Art of Annie Lee 2023 African American Wall Calendar, her expressive paintings combine with her sassy divine wisdom to create soulful messages that will bless you each and everyday. Throughout the  calendar is amazing Black History facts! Learn more about your heritage and ancestors each day of the week with this Annie Lee 2023 Wall Calendar! With our amazing calendars you will never forget another birthday, anniversary, baby shower, school assignment, or any other important moment!


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