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As the self proclaimed vixen of Central High, Monique was a force to be reckoned with. On the surface, she appeared to have everything she desired in the palm of her hands. In reality, abuse, family secrets and emptiness plagued her. Popularity, money, sex and her ride or die crew become her escape. Her life appeared great until one reckless night with her boyfriend sends her world crashing down. Slowly, friendships she once had began to die. Family begins to fade from her life. Freedom becomes a distant memory. Forced to prove herself, Monique does the unthinkable. A family tragedy, becomes her fresh start. All goes well until she reunites with an old friend. Questioning her sexuality and friendship become the smallest of her problems. Proving her love and loyalty to the game, Monique finds herself caught up in a drug ring that spirals out of control. With death and crime surrounding her, Monique must decide if she will remain down for the one she loves before it s too late.

The Cartel Vixen Tiffany Wright

SKU: ‎ 9780981729657
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